Who we are


Company History

Raised in the Azores, Founder & CEO Luis Nunes quickly recognized this untapped destination had the potential to become a sought-after market for tourism. A tech wiz with an affinity in software engineering, Nunes' stints working as a consultant and at Azores Airlines served as catalysts where he launched an impactful, novel algorithm to put the Azores on the map. 
And just like that in 2011, Nunes launched Ideastation - Soluções Informáticas to patent his innovative booking and search software. It didn't take long for Luis to realize that there was an opportunity to create an online travel agency where he could utilize his own technology to offer customers a streamlined search and booking process, and thus, Inovtravel (Innovation + Travel) was born. 
Under the Inovtravel agency umbrella, a fleet of travel brands that addressed different markets in Portugal and Europe were launched, which included Azores Getaways, Portugal Getaways and Yes! Getaways. A quick and easily bundled itinerary could now be accomplished with the click of a button. Since then, Inovtravel has rapidly expanded and introduced Portugal to thousands of travelers globally. 

What We Do

Yes! Getaways inspires and enables travelers to book the best deals available for travel around the globe. By exhaustively searching millions of airfare and accommodation combinations each day, Yes! Getaways offers the fastest – and easiest – travel booking process available for those with a desired destination in mind, and those looking for inspiration for their next trip. Yes! Getaways offers customizable departing, arriving, and budgeting fields to connect each customer with their ideal vacation, at an incomparable price. Say “Yes!” to wanderlust, travel deals, and unmatched savings.


Our Vision

Everything we do at Inovtravel is fueled by our passion for travel and our commitment to making planning your dream getaway easier than ever. We believe the travel experience starts long before the journey; from the first twinge of wanderlust, to your return trip home, our team of experts is here to help you craft the getaway of your dreams and every detail in between. At Inovtravel, we are committed to making travel more approachable – and affordable – through our online platform by connecting travelers with high quality vacation packages inclusive of airfare, accommodation, and transportation at unbeatable rates.  



Our Philosophy

At Yes! Getaways, we believe that high quality and low price points don’t have to be mutually exclusive; you shouldn’t have to sacrifice value for a deal!  So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one! At Yes! Getaways, we believe great deals should be shared – and easy to find.  No more scouring the internet for secret deals. No more jumping through hoops to find the best prices. Yes! Getaways uses advanced, state-of-the-art search technology to deliver exclusive rates and booking options right to your fingertips.


How Does it Work?

We scour over 72 million flight and accommodation combinations every day across more than 440 airlines worldwide to offer travelers a faster and more comprehensive process for booking travel. Yes! Getaways was designed to serve as an inspiration board for travelers seeking a new destination, while simultaneously offering steeply discounted prices for quick, efficient booking through the same platform.

When you say “yes!” to Yes! Getaways, you…

Say Yes! to great quality and exceptional value

Say Yes! to hassle-free, simple and streamlined booking

Say Yes! to travel inspiration, wanderlust and fulfilling your travel bucket list

Say Yes! to traveling, exploring, experiencing and adventuring

Your next getaway is just a few simple clicks away.