London & Barcelona: Chic City Getaway

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For 6-Nights: Explore two varied cultures in Barcelona and London.

Stroll Spanish avenues sipping Sangria and then head to cosmopolitan London to see its iconic sites!

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Why we love this deal:

  • Captivating Capitals Fusion: Combining the vibrancy of Barcelona and the cosmopolitan allure of London, discover the perfect blend of two incredible cities.
  • Barcelona Delights: Experience the artistic wonders of Barcelona during a 3-night stay. Explore museums housing masterpieces by Dalí, Picasso, and Miró. Stroll down the iconic Las Ramblas, and marvel at Gaudí's architectural gems.
  • London Calling: Spend 3 nights in cosmopolitan London, a city blending modernity with a rich history. Visit iconic sites like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey.
    • For stunning panoramas over the city make sure to ride the iconic London Eye.
  • Your Comfort is Our Priority: This trip is designed with you in mind, ensuring a hassle-free experience with all flights, accommodations, and transfers included.
  • Tailored Flexibility: Adjust the number of nights, add a rental car, or include local excursions for a more personalized touch on your adventure.


Day 1
Arrival in Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona! Enjoy hassle-free airport transfers upon your arrival and departure, and for a seamless start to your journey, we recommend booking an early hotel check-in.

Suggestion for the day:

  • Start your afternoon by exploring Parc de la Ciutadella situated near the bustling city center full of stunning monuments & fountains worth photographing. Take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere here & stroll around serpentine pathways surrounded by lush greenery while soaking up the charming sights this park has to offer!

Suggestion for the day:

  • Visit the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell: Start your second day in Barcelona with a visit to the iconic Sagrada Familia, one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Gain insight into the history, construction, and design of this remarkable structure. Then, head to Park Güell and admire its colorful mosaics and unique architecture. Enjoy views of Barcelona from atop the terrace as well as spectacular sights like the dragon sculptures and Antoni Gaudí’s tiled roofless salamander.

Suggestion for the day:

  • Discover the Medieval City of Girona: Nestled between Barcelona and France lies the stunning city of Girona, a destination abundant with rich history, culture, and awe-inspiring architecture. Experience life as it was lived centuries ago while exploring this medieval gem! Walk through winding streets that culminate at breathtaking plazas and stroll along riverside pathways leading to ancient ruins.
  • Or opt for a Montserrat Tour with Liquor Tasting Experience: The Basilica of Montserrat, with its majestic beauty, captivating views, and rich history, is one of Catalunya's renowned pilgrimage sites. A symbol of faith and devotion, it appeals to art enthusiasts and those seeking spiritual solace. Discover Catalonia's oldest monument—a journey through time awaits!

Welcome to London! Enjoy hassle-free airport transfers upon your arrival and departure, and for a seamless start to your journey, we recommend booking an early hotel check-in.

Suggestion for the day:

  • Explore London & Southwark: Discover the enchanting blend of history and modernity as you wander through the vibrant streets of London and Southwark, where your exploration takes you to iconic sites like the Tower of London, the Sky Garden, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Museum of London, Shakespeare's Globe, Borough Market, the impressive London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

Suggestion for the day:

  • Explore Westminster: Marvel at the grandeur of Parliament Square and the Houses of Parliament, where history unfolds. Discover the timeless beauty of Westminster Abbey and the serene charm of St. James's Park. Witness the iconic Buckingham Palace, a symbol of royal elegance. Stroll through the historical significance of Whitehall and enjoy breathtaking panoramas from the London Eye. In Westminster, each site tells a story, inviting you to be a part of London's rich tapestry.

Suggestion for the day:

  • Visit Kensington & the Windsor Castle: Immerse yourself in the opulence of Kensington Palace and Gardens, where history and elegance intertwine seamlessly. Venture to the majestic Windsor Castle, a symbol of royal heritage and grandeur. Explore the vast expanse of Hyde Park, a serene oasis in the heart of the city, where natural beauty beckons.

Thank you for choosing Yes! Getaways, we hope you had an incredible time. While it's time to head back home, we're looking forward to the chance to travel with you again in the future!

*itinerary presented is a suggestion and the length of stay may vary. All tours are suggestions unless clearly stated.

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About the Destinations:


Barcelona is a vibrant city, located on Spain’s eastern coast. Boasting sunny skies, a lively atmosphere, exquisite Gaudí architecture and of course delectable culinary delights, Barcelona is truly a captivating destination. Travelers can experience a varied culinary landscape, where tapas bars and Michelin-starred restaurants abound, enjoy world-renowned architecture and museums, or simply relax on the multitude of outdoor terraces and welcoming beaches.

London, United Kingdom

With imposing sites like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Tower of London and, of course, Buckingham Palace, there is no end to what a traveler can sightsee in London. As the capital of England and the United Kingdom, London boasts a modern center with a history reaching Roman times that is still felt throughout its historical sites and museums. The city is also much more than its renowned places to sightsee, it’s also home to a bustling culinary scene (with over 65 Michelin-starred restaurants), world class broadway shows, and a constant flow of new and exciting immersive experiences. 

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