4-Star Getaway | Barcelona, Mallorca & Madrid

Super Oferta
Explore three of Spain's most popular destinations with 4-star accommodations + flights

Pack your bags for the ultimate Spanish getaway to three fabulous spots: Barcelona, Mallorca and Madrid!

This offer includes:

  • Inbound flight to Barcelona
  • Connecting flights to Mallorca and Madrid
  • Return flight out of Madrid
  • Accommodation at a 4-star hotel of your choice in Barcelona, Mallorca and Madrid
  • Breakfast included, depending on the hotels selected (please check the detailed information of each hotel)
  • Taxes (except City Tourist Tax)

Why we love this deal:

  • Visit one of Barcelona's fabulous museums, where you can admire the works of Dalí, Picasso and Miró, or catch a flamenco show at one of Barcelona's tablaos
  • Take a stroll down Barcelona's famous Las Ramblas and enjoy its many outdoor cafes, street entertainers, local markets and shops, or spend the day admiring Gaudí's colorful architecure in Güell Park, Casa Mila and Casa Batlló
  • Admire the stunning coastline and rugged mountains of Mallorca aboard a yacht or sailing boat; Go snorkeling in deserted coves or hiking and discover old market towns and picturesque villages
  • Visit Madrid’s world-class galleries and museums displaying extensive Spanish art collections, including Picasso’s famous Guernica
  • Head to Madrid's Plaza Mayor to sip on some sangria, munch on delicious tapas and mingle with the friendly locals and artisans

About the Destinations

Our travel package invites you to go on an unforgettable Spanish getaway filled with culture, beautiful coastline, cosmopolitan charm, exquisite cuisine, and excitement. Let the Spanish show you the art of living!

Barcelona is a fun city full of things to do. Boasting sunny skies, a lively atmosphere, a coastal vibe, delicious food, and exquisite Gaudí architecture, Barcelona is one of Spain's hottest destinations.  Offering a varied culinary landscape, where tapas bars, fusion restaurants, and Michelin-starred restaurants abound, in this captivating city, you can feast on exciting delicacies. Enjoy it from an outdoor terrace overlooking the stunning sights of this Spanish city.

Ravishing beaches, remote mountains, turquoise-blue sea and soulful hill towns make Mallorca one of the best holiday destinations in Europe. This Spanish island offers  numerous remarkable sights and holiday activities. From water and outdoor sports, theme parks for families, glorious sun-kissed beaches, a stunning scenery that begs to be explored to a vibrant nightlife, Mallorca has everything for a fabulous island vacation. With over 200 beaches, Mallorca is the perfect place to relax on a blissful white sandy beach touched by seducing crystal clear waters. Mallorca's capital, Palma, is a  gorgeous and vibrant city boasting a varied nightlife that offers something for everyone coupled with an exciting food scene. Taste the island's fabulous Mediterranean dishes and the local Mallorcan wine from a restaurant open to the mesmerizing starry sky of Mallorca.

Appreciate Madrid’s cultural legacy and Moorish and Neoclassical architecture. Be wowed by one of Europe’s most stunning palaces and Madrid’s most famous landmark, the Madrid Royal Palace. Take in the sun at the Retiro Gardens and then go shopping on the vibrant Gran Via. Explore the lively Mercado de San Miguel, one of the best culinary spots in the city, where tapas bars offer local delicacies and tasty wine.

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8 Baseado em 3 comentários
Judy, New York
07 Sep 2019
Very nice selection of hotels with breakfast. Excellent flights all thru trips. Barcelona ,Palma ,Madrid all great . Wished I could have stayed longer.
Judy, New York
07 Sep 2019
Very nice selection of hotels with breakfast. Excellent flights all thru trips. Barcelona ,Palma ,Madrid all great . Wished I could have stayed longer.
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