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Lead the way and we'll handle all the rest. Gather 8 travel companions, and your part of the trip is on us. Start your dream getaway today!

Explore Europe with friends, on us
Bring 8 other travel companions and your part of the trip will be free of charge!

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Our team of experts is your gateway to an extraordinary journey. Allow them to guide you through your itinerary, address your questions, and craft your ideal trip. Reach out to us and embark on your adventure today!

The Perfect Trip

Browse through our diverse range of packages, and if you wish for expert support, our Tour Consultants are at your service. If you have a specific theme or travel vision, we can design a Private or Customized Tour tailored exclusively to your group's distinct interests.

Gather Your Group

Extend the invitation to friends, family, neighbors, and fellow adventure enthusiasts to embark on an exciting journey with you. We're here to offer comprehensive support every step of the way! When you rally at least 8 more travelers, your part of the trip will be free and we'll effortlessly manage all group logistics.

Live Your European Dream

Picture yourself with a glass of champagne in hand, gazing at the Eiffel Tower, unwinding on a pristine paradise beach, or strolling down charming, centuries-old European streets filled with delicious flavors. The possibilities are endless! Share with us what matters most to your group, and we'll work our magic to turn your travel dreams into a reality.


How many people do I have to bring to travel for free?

Your group has to have at least 9 travelers for you to travel for free. Bring 8 travel companions with you and you, the travel leader, will travel for free.

Who can I bring with me?

Absolutely anyone. All individuals of all ages and diverse interests get to take advantage of our group benefits.

What do I need to do to participate?

It's simple – just send us a trip request, and we'll take it from there. We will make sure that your group gets exactly what they need.

How will I be contacted?

We'll reach out to you via email or telephone. If you have more details to share after you've sent us your trip request, please give us a call or send a WhatsApp message. We are open every day from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Time Zone: Atlantic/Azores).

Have Other Questions?

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you!

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Rua Direita do Ramalho, nº 69, São Miguel, Portugal
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