Sightseeing Tours: One Day Delphi with Athena Pronaia Temple

Location: Athens
From $118.62 per person

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Starting point: At the hotel lobby (Athens center only). Please call to confirm the reservation details and pick-up time 24 hours before the tour.

Ending point: Same as Starting Point


  • Athens
  • Livadeia
  • Delphi Archaeological Site
  • Delphi Archaeological Museum
  • Arachova
Famed for the uncanny accuracy of the Sibyl, a fortune-telling priestess, Delphi’s fame grew and attracted travelers seeking their fortunes from all over the ancient world. From Athens, we’ll cross the fertile plain of Boeotia to the slopes of Mount Parnassus to explore the ruins of Delphi for 90 minutes and get a sense of the remarkable power this mystical site still exerts today. After two hours of traveling, enjoy a brief stop (20 minutes approx.) outside the mythical town of Levadia.

Visit the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios, and learn the story of this brave god’s triumph over the dragon that guarded the omphalos. This mysterious ‘navel stone’ marked the very center of the world and gave Sibyl her powers by making her the voice of Apollo. Visit the marble Treasury of the Athenians, built to store the rich offerings of grateful kings. See the stadium where the ancient Pythian Games, precursors to our modern Olympics, were lost or won. Visit the temple of Apollo, where the eternal flame burned in the gloom. Then explore the on-site museums where you can see the omphalos stone itself as well as masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture such as the bronze Charioteer and the famous athlete Aghias. Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Delphi Archaeological Museum with a 1-hour visit (approx.).

Enjoy a delicious traditional local lunch in the modern village of Delphi (approximately 90 minutes) before passing through the ancient town of Thebes, to discover the story of the tragic King Oedipus, whose terrible fate was foreseen by the oracle. Before heading back, marvel at the fascinating mountainous landscapes and pass by the picturesque mountain village of Arachova, built on the south slopes of Parnassus, well known for its attractive hand-woven carpets, rugs, and quilts, as well as for its wine and cheese (short photo stop outside of Arachova)